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Half Bathroom Modern


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This Collection offers a variety of vanity sizes to suit your needs. Schedule a consultation call today to learn more.

Willow Wallpaper | 5013071 - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.

Botanical Wallpaper

A piece of brown horizontal tile.

Handmade Brick

A wooden vanity with a black surface.

White Oat Vanity

A geometric patterned tile with grey tones.

Stone-Inspired Mosaic


Tapping into natural materials, earth-tones, and luxe textures, the Willow Collection creates a calming, luxurious atmosphere - perfect for indulging. Each material was selected to create a comfortable, relaxing experience, both aesthetically and functionally. 

Featured Materials

  • Bold and beautiful botanical wallpaper turns ordinary walls into a piece of art.
  • This luxurious, handcrafted vanity, featuring a sleek Dekton countertop in matte black, provides ample storage for a sophisticated powder room.
  • Handmade, thin brick shower tiles adorned with a hand-applied warm and glossy glaze finish.
  • Italian-made porcelain flooring inspired by the irregular grains of mini and macro stone patterns.

This Collection offers a variety of vanity sizes to suit your needs. Schedule a consultation call today to learn more.

Wooden Soap Dishes (3 options): Maple - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.
Charcoal Cloche + Stone - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.
Erode Soap Mini - Linden - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.
Palomino - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.

Accent Essentials

From bathmats to candles, soap dishes to art, we’ve curated your finishing touches too.


Emma Beryl Kemper

Designer Brand: Emma Beryl Interiors

Inspired by her travels, family and friends, and fashion, Emma always knew she wanted to be an interior designer.  After training at the New York School of Interior Design, Emma has worked on a wide array of projects all over the world.   In 2015 she started her own eponymous design firm, Emma Beryl.  Emma Beryl was recently named as a top new designer to watch by Lonny Mag.


Emma Beryl Kemper

Designer Brand: Emma Beryl Interiors


Organic, Cozy, Textural, Warm

From the designer's moodboard

A person with long blonde hair washing their hair.
A bowl of quail eggs on a table next to a shadow of a glass.
A close up of a wood slatted surface with a geometric pattern.
A black and white photo of a rough concrete floor.
White sand dunes with ripples in the sand.
A photo of some plants in a field with the sun in the background.
A vase sitting on top of a stack of books.
A mirrored abstract image with brown and yellow colors.
A white ceramic plate with a plant and a piece of textile on it.
A close up view of a white and beige marble surface.
A view of a long bridge over water, with a wooden ceiling.
Two vases sitting on steps next to a brick wall.
* The Willow Collection's starting at prices are based on the Materials required to outfit a 16.8 ft2 half bathroom and a 30.8 ft2 full bathroom, as well as a 5% order management fee. The prices do not include upgrade Materials, Accents, taxes, shipping, handling, delivery, installation, or other fees. Installation is not included or provided by us. Subject to price increases of Materials beyond the control of The Unoriginal Bathroom Company. Exact starting at price is $13,948.05 (Half Bathroom) and $13,729.66 (Full Bathroom). For further information, please see our Terms of Use and FAQs. ** A complete list of Materials will be included on the itemized invoice that you receive prior to payment. Due to the custom nature of our business, Material inclusions may vary based on your final selections.