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Choose from a bespoke offering of both half and full-sized bathroom designs, all cosigned by interior design professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a Collection?

Visit our Collections page to explore our latest designs. Once you’ve picked your favorite bathroom, get in touch with a member of our team who will work with you to gather important information about your residential bathroom renovation project, and will build you a custom quote. From there you can go from inbox to checkout in just a few clicks.

What is included in a Collection?

Our Collections include a range of quality products and materials from trusted brands that our Interior Design partners know and love. The inclusions vary from Collection to Collection based on a number of factors, such as designer preferences and bathroom type (half bathroom or full, for example). Our Half Bathroom Collections include items such as toilets, sinks, faucets, mirrors, and light fixtures. Our Full Bathroom Collections include the same items as our Half Bathrooms, but have additional components, such as bathtubs (various styles) and shower systems.

On the promotional page for each Collection, we include a list of products and materials that are sold as part of the Collection. When you receive a final quote from us, you will also receive a comprehensive list of materials.

What is not included in a Collection?

We are very transparent about our offering and aim to ensure that there are no surprises. Firstly, we are an online retail platform - we streamline the design, sourcing, warehousing and delivery stages in the pre-renovation process in an effort to improve your experience. We do not participate in the installation process in any capacity. We also do not sell specific installation products such as sheetrock, grout, molding, shower glass. These omissions are for the benefit of the customer. Certain items either do not make sense to ship, are at high risk of damage, or can be easily sourced by your installer and do not impact the design integrity of our Collections. Pleases note that our Collections are also not for commercial purposes.

While we do not list every item that is not included, we do list all of the items that are. This list varies by Collection and can be seen on the Collection promotional page, under “What’s Included”. When you are ready to place your order, your quote will also include a full list of every single item we will be delivering to your home.

What does the Collection “Starting at” price include?

We include a “starting at” price for every Collection made available on our site. The price reflects the total cost of our standard materials, before actualized dimensions, upgrades, taxes, service fees, warehousing costs and delivery fees are applied, as those are order-specific, and depend on factors such as customer selections, square footage and location.  For the “starting at” price, we calculate items with variable volume, such as vanity size, tiles, paint and wallpaper based on a set square footage, which is documented in the fine print on each Collection page.

Can I make changes to my selections after placing my order?

Our Collections are designed to bypass decision fatigue - so there is not much optionality available in the first place. If for some reason you need to make a change to your order, please reach out to your Account Executive immediately to determine whether or not the update can be accommodated.

Can you speak directly with my Contractor?

If you have picked out a Collection that you would like to move forward with, we can speak directly with your Contractor to proceed with the order refinement process - which includes defining your bathroom configuration and choosing the right material quantities for your new space based on your floor plan and bathroom dimensions. We will also happily answer any questions that your installation team has regarding the design.

What Brands do you work with?

Our suppliers vary from Collection to Collection, but include the likes of: Kohler, Kallista, Miralis, Porcelanosa, Fireclay Tile, Bedrosians, Visual Comfort, Phillip Jeffries, Schumacher, Farrow & Ball, Backdrop and more.

How will I know that the design will work in my space?

The Interior Designers we work with develop modular bathroom designs that work in a variety of layouts and configurations. We do our best to showcase an assortment of renderings on each Collection page to allow you to see the design come to life in a variety of configurations - in the hopes that you will see something similar to your space. If your bathroom has unusual specifications or quirks, speak with a member of our team today to make sure you are set up for success. Our process includes receiving images, floor plans and dimensions in order to establish a quote, but also to assess the viability of a particular design in your existing bathroom space.

Can I buy your Accents without purchasing a Collection?

Of course! We source our Accents as a value-add to our Collection offering but anyone is welcome to purchase from our growing assortment of bathroom accessories.