Half Bathroom Modern


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Half Bathroom Modern


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$12,217 *

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This Collection offers a variety of vanity sizes to suit your needs. Schedule a consultation call today to learn more.

honed marble black, beige and grey tile

Bold Mosaic

wood mirror frame

Antiqued Wood

sandstone vessel sink on black surface

Sandstone Sink

grey textile wallpaper

Textile Walls


This bath design is a balance of clean lines, neutral palette, and classic touches that deliver a sophisticated environment that is both warm and welcoming. Its refined mix of materials and finishes are paired with bold graphic tile and understated but luxe details, resulting in timeless design that feels fresh and new.

Featured Materials:

  • Bold unconventional geometric interpretation of classic marble mosaic in an intriguing mix of warm and cool tones.
  • Grigio sandstone carved asymmetric vessel sink with dark veins swirling into a field of gray.
  • Charming wood finish is handcrafted to expose the beauty of the natural wood with traces of its original finish still visible.
  • Grey wallpaper reminiscent of a classic oxford shirt, adding warmth and texture to the space.

This Collection offers a variety of vanity sizes to suit your needs. Schedule a consultation call today to learn more.

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Accent Essentials

From bathmats to candles, soap dishes to art, we've curated your finishing touches, too.


Martha Lopacki

Designer Brand: Martha Lopacki

Martha Lopacki is a lifetime explorer with over 30 years of design experience in apparel, jewelry, lighting, furniture design and more. Informed and inspired by her experiences in all these disciplines, Martha uniquely balances beauty, compassion, scale and contrast in her work.

Her designs have been award industry top honors. They are featured in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, while other designs and patents have been used to summit Mount Everest and win PGA titles.

An avid traveler, Martha finds inspiration in the unique experiences found in the emersion of everyday life and the people that live them and the simple things most overlook or under realize.


Martha Lopacki

Designer Brand: Martha Lopacki


Effortless, Clean, Timeless, Sophisticated

From the designer's moodboard

A sweater, knitting needles, and a pair of sunglasses on a bed.
A white building with a wooden door and steps leading up to it.
Several balls of yarn on a wooden table.
A wooden shelf with various items on it.
A living room with a large black painting on the wall.
A white wall with a light fixture hanging from the ceiling.
The flatiron building in New York city.
An old black typewriter with a sheet of paper on top.
Various items are displayed on a shelf in a room.
A table with a lamp, books and a vase on it.
A wooden desk with a mirror and chair in front of a white wall.
Wooden bar stools in the kitchen with dangling lights.
A black and white abstract photo of ripped paper.
An old black wooden door with white walls.
* The Park Collection's starting at prices are based on the Materials required to outfit a 16.8 ft2 half bathroom and a 30.8 ft2 full bathroom, as well as a 5% order management fee. The prices do not include upgrade Materials, Accents, taxes, shipping, handling, delivery, installation, or other fees. Installation is not included or provided by us. Subject to price increases of Materials beyond the control of The Unoriginal Bathroom Company. Exact starting at price is $12,216.84 (Half Bathroom) and $14,542.53 (Full Bathroom). For further information, please see our Terms of Use and FAQs. ** A complete list of Materials will be included on the itemized invoice that you receive prior to payment. Due to the custom nature of our business, Material inclusions may vary based on your final selections.