Half Bathroom Classic


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Half Bathroom Classic


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This Collection offers a variety of vanity sizes to suit your needs. Schedule a consultation call today to learn more.

A closeup of an abstract white light fixture.

Floral Flush Mount

A closeup of grey and blue tiles.

Glossy Ceramics

A brown and beige piece of woven textile.

Woven Wicker

A closeup of grey marble tiles.

Honed Marble


Indulge in the luxurious serenity of the Ardsley Half Bathroom Collection. The contemporary layout of the zellige tiles adds a modern touch to the timeless design. Enhanced by grasscloth wallpaper and opulent gold-toned accents, the space exudes both warmth and elegance.

Featured Materials:

  • Playful and chic, centered around the beauty of individually cast glass flowers embodies feminine charm. Effortless accent any space from traditional to eclectic or contemporary.
  • Sophisticated charcoal in a glossy Zellige ceramic tile exudes timeless elegance and authentic Moroccan craftsmanship. Its high shade variation adds warmth, a sense of depth and visual interest.
  • Sustainable, natural paper yarns are dyed prior to weaving into this wicker-inspired pattern with the look of a soft, flame stitch. Virtually seamless and expertly laminated for ease of installation. 
  • The subtle blue and white veining honed tile creates a serene and tranquil oasis that is both calming and refreshing with sophistication and depth to the design that is timeless and elegant.

This Collection offers a variety of vanity sizes to suit your needs. Schedule a consultation call today to learn more.

Karo Bath Sheet - Sand - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.
Karo Bath Mat - Sable - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.
OYOY LIVING DESIGN - Pif Paf Puf Hanging Storage - 1 Bowl, Small - White - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.
Coastal Watercolor Sunrise Art | Vintage Pastel Print L103: 11"x14" - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.

Accent Essentials

From bathmats to candles, soap dishes to art, we've curated your finishing touches, too.


Nicolette Taormina

Designer Brand: Nicolette Taormina

Nicolette is a professional Interior Designer and Certified Holistic Feng Shui Consultant who believes in beautiful, timeless spaces designed with thoughtful consideration for the people that use them. Her design philosophy embraces a holistic approach that integrates a balance of finishes and materials to support both wellness and enjoyment.


Nicolette Taormina

Designer Brand: Nicolette Taormina


Earthy, Tranquil, Refined, Calm

From the designer's moodboard

A sunset over a field of grass.
A brown envelope filled with dried flowers.
Grass with different tones of green.
A shadow on a wooden table with chairs.
A book with a mirror, and jewelry.
A vessel of water beside a book on a blanket outside.
A sage stick inside a crystal bowl.
An open white flower.
Rustic pottery cups on a wooden shelf.
A whicker basket hanging on a white wall.
A brown brick building with two black doors.
An organic wooden surface.
Dried plants hanging in front of a white wooden wall.
A painting of a landscape.
A tree inside a terracotta building.
* The Ardsley Collection's starting at prices are based on the Materials required to outfit a 16.8 ft2 half bathroom and a 30.8 ft2 full bathroom, as well as a 5% order management fee. The prices do not include upgrade Materials, Accents, taxes, shipping, handling, delivery, installation, or other fees. Installation is not included or provided by us. Subject to price increases of Materials beyond the control of The Unoriginal Bathroom Company. Exact starting at price is $9,414.77 (Half Bathroom) and $21,469.98 (Full Bathroom). For further information, please see our Terms of Use and FAQs. ** A complete list of Materials will be included on the itemized invoice that you receive prior to payment. Due to the custom nature of our business, Material inclusions may vary based on your final selections.