Half Bathroom Bold


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Half Bathroom Bold


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$10,422 *

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Red and blue splatters of paint on a white surface.

Paint Splatter Paper

A pink toilet.

Pink Porcelain

Glossy dark blue squared tile.

Glossy Blue

A glass and silver light fixture.

Fluted Glass


Let your bathroom be the life of the party! Mix and match materials come together to create a fun and funky space for getting ready to go out. The bold pink pops against deep blue tiles, creating a vibrant balance of playful energy and mature sophistication.

Featured Materials:

  • Youthful random multidirectional paint splatters in disco is a dynamic allover pattern with wonderful movement and dimension. This rhythmic small-scale wallpaper enlivens and sets an optimistic tone to any space.
  • Embrace your true color and express yourself with limited edition peachy-pink fixtures that enliven the space with a bold pop of color.
  • The essence of this glazed ceramic tile in midnight tones is light dancing across this gently undulating surface in all directions.  With a gentle, uneven body and high-gloss finish created a shimmering look.
  • Classic and bold glimmering lights with fluted glass details form an elegant, dynamic silhouette that's balanced by a strong frame in polished nickel.
Cosmic Peace Studio - FOREVER FLOWER - COSMOS - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.
GREEN GODDESS - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.
La Rose | French Pink Clay Bar Soap: Wrapped - The Unoriginal Bathroom Co.

Accent Essentials

From bathmats to candles, soap dishes to art, we've curated your finishing touches, too.


Nicolette Taormina

Designer Brand: Nicolette Taormina

Nicolette is a professional Interior Designer and Certified Holistic Feng Shui Consultant who believes in beautiful, timeless spaces designed with thoughtful consideration for the people that use them. Her design philosophy embraces a holistic approach that integrates a balance of finishes and materials to support both wellness and enjoyment.


Nicolette Taormina

Designer Brand: Nicolette Taormina


Fun, Delightful, Energetic, Sweet

From the designer's moodboard

Blue and yellow twinkling lights.
A pile of pink salt crystals.
A person spilling gold glitter out of a martini glass.
A pink bathroom with a white sink.
Four books held together by twine, with a flower.
Large pink flowers.
Layered pieces of colorful tiles.
Cupcakes with green icing on a pink surface.
A stack of colorful tea cups.
A pink and blue building with two doors.
A pink sign on a light pink wall.
Sparkly high healed shoes on a glass shelf.
A bathtub of water with a pink rubber duck.
Citrus fruits and a shadow on a pink wall.
The backs of four flamingos.
A bathroom with blue tile and a white tub.
* The Beverley Collection's starting at prices are based on the Materials required to outfit a 19.5 ft2 half bathroom and a 30.8 ft2 full bathroom, as well as a 5% order management fee. The prices do not include upgrade Materials, Accents, taxes, shipping, handling, delivery, installation, or other fees. Installation is not included or provided by us. Subject to price increases of Materials beyond the control of The Unoriginal Bathroom Company. Exact starting at price is $10,421.90 (Half Bathroom) and $11,653.85 (Full Bathroom). For further information, please see our Terms of Use and FAQs. ** A complete list of Materials will be included on the itemized invoice that you receive prior to payment. Due to the custom nature of our business, Material inclusions may vary based on your final selections.